Try Connect Free For Data Uploads to Google Analytics

By September 21, 2015 No Comments
connect-logo Connect allows you to automatically integrate your Facebook Ad Data and Bing Ad Data directly into Google Analytics, giving you richer data analysis. Connect also allows you to upload additional 3rd Party Data from any source, directly into Google Analytics.

Here are the types of data points Connect can upload to Google Analytics:

  • Cost Data: If you do advertising on networks other than Google, Facebook, or Bing, you can upload your cost data into Google Analytics to measure ROI.
  • Product Data: For ecommerce websites, Connect can upload additional dimensions about your products, like size, color and style for deeper product performance analysis.
  • Refund Data: Also for ecommerce websites, you can use Connect to upload refund data, so that your Google Analytics ecommerce reports are as accurate as possible.
  • User Data: Connect can upload additional dimensions on your users, like gender, age, ZIP code, and more for deeper user analysis. Note: You cannot upload personally identifiable information (PII) per Google’s Terms of Services. Examples would be names, email addresses, or social security numbers.
  • Campaign Data: Expand your non-Google campaigns by uploading additional ad-related dimensions like source.
  • Geography Data: Add additional information on user’s location for better geographic analysis.
  • Content Data: Connect allows you to upload additional content dimensions, like authors, date published, word count, character count, and more.
  • Custom Data: Connect can handle any type of custom data as well (as long as it makes sense to upload to Google Analytics).



With Connect, you can arm your marketing team with the additional data points needed for deeper, more robust analysis. Imagine reporting on the ROI of every single marketing campaing your team runs, whether it’s on a Google ad network or elsewhere? It’s all possible with Connect!