[PDF] Enhancing the Consumer Shopping Experience with Google Analytics

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Ecommerce revenue depends on attracting and converting prospective buyers using the marketing channels that are most effective for your business. Understanding and optimizing the consumer’s online journey is critical for the success of any Ecommerce website. Newly enhanced Ecommerce capabilities with Google Analytics enable marketers to not only analyze where there is friction in the consumer path to purchase, but also act to convert more users.

In this slide download, Marcia Jung, Ecommerce Product Manager at Google, and Amin Shawki, Analytics Manager at InfoTrust, explain these new Google Analytics Ecommerce capabilities. Analyzing the shopping behavior of consumers, remarketing to cart abandonments, and optimizing the checkout funnel can go a long way to driving more sales online.

In this session, InfoTrust and Google provide best practices and use case studies to show how analytics can power online marketing to drive more sales online.

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You can download the PDF at http://infotrustllc.com/pdf-download-enhancing-consumer-shopping-experience-google-analytics/.