[PDF] 9 Ecommerce Reports to Leverage This Holiday Season

By September 21, 2015 Marketing No Comments

Google recently announced that the brand new Enhanced E-Commerce features are now out beta and available to everyone using Google’s Universal Analytics.

We recently delivered a webinar with Marcia Jung of Google on Enhancing the Consumer Shopping Experience with Google Analytics. We covered a wide range of new features and enhancements to Google’s ecommerce reporting.

This PDF outlines the new reports and capabilities of Enhanced Ecommerce and how they can be leveraged to answer business questions that any ecommerce company has.

We love the new Enhanced Ecommerce capabilities – and you will too – so check out “10 Ways to Drive Value Using Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Reports”.

You can download the PDF here: http://infotrustllc.com/9-ecommerce-reports-to-leverage-this-holiday-season/