Introducing – Import Any Custom Data Sources into Google Analytics

By September 21, 2015 No Comments


We are excited to announce the launch of our second product, As many of you know, our first product, Tag Inspector, is a Tag Auditing tool that is used by some of the largest companies and brands in the world to scan, monitor and report on their tag coverage across their many websites., in comparison, is a tool that allows you to integrate data from third-party sources, like ad networks, internal databases, CRM systems, and more into Google Analytics allowing for richer marketing analysis.


Automatic Uploads features a plug-and-play integration with Bing and Facebook to automatically upload additional cost data into any Google Analytics account.

In additional to that, any other custom data source can be imported. Set up recurring uploads to send your additional data points into Google Analytics daily, weekly, or monthly.

Fully Customizable

Save custom data schemas from Google Analytics into your account, then plug in your additional data from Bing, Facebook, or a Custom Data Source. Use’s custom mapping feature to customize how data flows into Google Analytics.


Before, getting additional data, like cost data or user data from a CRM system or e-commerce product data into Google Analytics was a difficult and time-consuming task. Now, you can spend your time analyzing and optimizing, rather than uploading files.


Save Time

Time is priceless, and can help you spend more time analyzing and less time jumping between different systems and tools. What used to take an analyst anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours to accomplish every single day can all be done automatically behind the scenes, freeing that analyst up to drive insights and value!

Calculate ROI for Any Ad Network or Platform

With, all of your cost data from advertising networks outside of Google can be integrated into your Google Analytics reports. This allows you to calculate the true ROI for any advertising activity, straight from Google Analytics.

Centralize All Digital Marketing Analysis

The main problem with using different ad networks and platforms is that all your data lives in separate tools. This makes analysis at the aggregate level much more difficult. allows you to perform all of your marketing analysis within Google Analytics.